Welcome to the club! Let’s get adventurous.

Nzeka and Rob launched the League of Beers way back in 2012 with the goal of getting South Africa drinking better beer.
It quickly established itself as the premier local source of the finest, tastiest and rarest local and international beers.

Fast forward many years and thousands of beers later, and they’ve joined forces yet again (along with a few mates) to take a delicious dive into the best spirits the country has to offer.

Welcome to The Beverage Club.

We think trying new things is always worth a shot (or two), so we’re taking down the velvet rope and unrolling the red carpet because everyone’s a VIP here. From rums that rouse your inner pirate to whiskeys that bring a new twist to an Old Fashioned and every tall, short, cocktail and mocktail in between - take a seat at our table and let the good times roll.

Swirl it. Sniff it. Gargle it.

Concoct a custom cocktail that’s a bietjie sterk.

Take off your shoes.

Spill a few drops.


Try again.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but we’ve got your back.